The questions we’re most often asked

How can I get the right people in the panel?
The 5hellos panel is a dedicated group of 200+ curious people, excited to share their thoughts & insights through conversation, to improve content & ideas. They’re mostly young, digital natives. You can filter on age, gender & interests and fill in a description of your ideal panelist.

If you need a specific profile or criteria (such as frequent business flyers, or people who’ve flown in the past month) we will either source that by expanding the 5hellos panel–or use our partner panel agency who can target to the bone.

Why use 5hellos, and not just run a survey?  
5hellos works better in many situations.
For example, to:
  • Check how people are responding to content you’re working on. Is it relevant? Clear? Does it appeal?
  • Check whether a new idea or proposition resonates with your audience. Does it meet their needs? Why?
  • Explore people’s needs & motivations on a specific topic.
  • Prepare for a larger UX quantitative study. Checking some of the assumptions you’re taking into a larger and more expensive study always helps.
Why only 5 people?
We’re going for quality of human input, not quantity, to focus on the ‘why’ behind your data. Data isn’t going to show you why people don’t like one thing over the next.

Nielson Norman Group research has also shown that 5 people can often identify up to 90% of all issues (in usability testing).
Why 5 people at the same time? Won’t they be influencing each other?
We send your questions out via a survey in advance to capture individual opinions. This minimizes groupthink (as you’ve got their personal viewpoint as a starting point) while still allowing for the power of conversation as each panelist builds on the other’s thoughts and ideas.
So, it’s like a focus group?
Not really. You will be exploring the answers panelists have already given in advance to your 5 questions and looking for the reactions of the others. It’s compact and focused. See it as a more efficient, faster way to get 5 individual inputs at once, with some cross-fertilization thrown in.
But I’ve never run a conversation!
No worries. The 5hellos guide takes you by the hand to select questions and lead the session like a pro.

If you have any other questions, Get in touch with our team.