Get live input from 5 people in 30 minutes

With the 5hellos conversation tool, anyone can get direct user feedback on content, design or ideas.

How does it work?

Set up your project in 10 minutes

Choose 5 panelists and the 5 questions you want to ask in a conversation. Then set your date and time.
Project setup

Host a conversation in under 30 minutes

Start with a short survey, and then follow our discussion guide  to go deeper.  Use Zoom, Teams or your preferred tool.
Zoom conversation

Process insights and take action

Share the session outcome with your team, and make changes to your work.
Actionable insights
“The best results come from... 5 users.”  

Nielsen Norman Group

Why choose 5hellos

Boost conversation

Boost conversion

Experience the power of conversation and unlock insights you can't get anywhere else.
Empower teams

Empower teams

How better to build customer-centric teams than to regularly check in with customers?
Simple and fast

Simple & fast

From set up to results in 60 minutes or less. Our conversation guide takes you by the hand.
“5hellos is the tool to democratize customer research. It’s about time we enable our teams to be truly customer-centric.” - VP Global Retailer

Used by

Why 5hellos works?

It's the only tool to enable anyone to get sharp input from 5 people outside of the office in 30 minutes or less. Their views will change forever how you see your work.  

Watch this 90 second video to see why.

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