Customers explains why tool works

"Why it works? 5 people help you discover insights you'd never find on your own or in your data.

And 5hellos takes you by the hand, so anyone can do it."

Brand Manager, FMCG corporate
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This is why it works

The power of conversation
Talking to 5 people leads to insights you won't find from data only.  We go deep on the "why".
It's agile
Get results in days instead of weeks or months.
Powered by 25+ years in UX and marketing experience
We know how to ask the right questions for the best insights.
It puts your customer first
5hellos invites your customer to the table. By talking to clients, teams directly become more client-oriented.
Room for discussion
Panelists answer questions upfront, which leads to a lively discussion as people build on each other's ideas.
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