Customers explains why tool works

"Why it works? 5 people help you discover insights you'd never find on your own or in your data.

And 5hellos takes you by the hand, so anyone can do it."

Brand Manager, FMCG corporate
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This is why it works

The power of conversation
Talking to 5 people often leads to insights you can't get from the data in an Excel sheet.
It's agile in use
It takes less than an hour to set up and lead a session; typically we can get the panelists ready in 2-3 days.
Anyone can do it
The 5hellos guide takes you by the hand in selecting the right questions and leading the session like a pro.
It brings the customer to life
Teams that use 5hellos engage directly with  customers, making them more customer focus.
Discussion around individual opinions
Panelists answer the 5 questions upfront, which leads to lively input as people build off of  each other's ideas.  
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