How do others use 5hellos?
It's their go-to tool for sharp customer input

Holiday booking made easier

A new design of a holiday booking page was reviewed by 5 women who regularly plan travels. The result? There is room for improvement.
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Which images make shoppers become buyers?

10 online shoppers reviewed and discussed visual content for high-end department store De Bijenkorf. The result? Numerous quick-wins and conversion improvements.
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Evaluating brand promises with entrepreneurs

An international payment provider is rebranding their payment services and hardware. Which slogan resonates best with their users and why? The short-list was narrowed down to 2 winners.
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Prototype testing an application flow

Testing a new application flow to get a public tender: can users find their way through the online form to apply for and win tenders in Amsterdam?
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What actions are needed to help stimulate pre-orders?

The website of a hybrid heat pump startup was discussed at length by 10 homeowners who are looking for a heat pump. The purpose of the conversation was to find action points to increase conversion to pre-orders.
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Feedback from high profile panelists

10 doctors discussed the concept of a new marketing campaign for a software company. Using 5hellos, two lively discussions made clear what needed to be done to improve the campaign and meet doctors' needs.
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Understanding blog appeal

Two different blog posts were compared by 5 women in a quick and easy 30 min conversation. Which travel blog inspired the most to go to Switzerland and why?
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What information is missing?

HeyFiets turns anyone's bike into an electric bike. What improvements can be made to the website to resonate with their key audiences of teenagers and young professionals?
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How to make this website sing?

Muuras develops vertical swamps and gardens. Does their website want to make you find out more about their sustainable solutions?
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Get the message?

Fish-eating millennials reviewed the latest marketing campaign concepts for Fish Tales, a scale-up in sustainable fish conserves. The 5hellos panel helped the marketing team to sharpen their messages in no time.  
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Right tone for COVID-19 info?

Transavia is trying to give passengers accurate info in uncertain times. How are they doing? 
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Which product description?

An online brand wants to share the technical advantages of a running shoe. Which works best?
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How to motivate students? 

The Amsterdam Municipality wants to launch a campaign to motivate students to keep distance during COVID-19. What would work best and why?
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Improving the CarbonCalculator

CarbonCancel helps gain insight into people's carbon footprint. How can they improve their CarbonCalculator for sustainability-minded people? We checked with their target audience.
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Which design explains best?

A restaurant started using tablets to enable customers to make their own orders. They created 2 order pages. Which one is clearer and why?
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Why don't people use a new feature?

A/B tests show that people don't use a new configuration tool on a bike site. Find out the reason why not and how to fix this.
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5hellos users are converts.

Average rating of 4.7/5 after use

“Try it! We were reluctant at first – never having done research before – but those 30 minutes were a snap to set up.

The guide helped us find 5 major issues with our proposition.”

Start-up founder

“In our industry we deal with high profile panelists who are not easy to find. This means that we are often forced to work with expensive research firms.

5hellos showed me that it can be done cheaper, faster and easier."

Product owner, Payment provider

“We use all kinds of programmes and tools to drive our more customer-centric way of working. But 5hellos is our go-to tool. It’s the only one that’s so simple, it truly let’s anyone have a conversation with customers”

CX director, Global retailer

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