The questions we’re asked most often

How can I get the right 5 people in the session?

The 5hellos panel is a new take on the traditional research panel. We recruit people who are interested to share their thoughts & insights through conversation.  Panelists enjoy the session as a welcome break in their day.  (Panelists do a maximum of 2 sessions per month.)

We find panelists through targeted social media campaigns. We've hosted sessions with entrepreneurs, general practitioners, home-seekers, sustainability minded foodies, millennials who puzzle, luxury online shoppers, mothers of young children, to name a few.  

To date, we've always found the right 5 people. Just let us know who you're looking for. Or, we can work with your own client base (and we handle the logistics).

Why use 5hellos, and not just run a survey?  

5hellos works better in many situations. For example, to:
  • Check how people are responding to content you’re working on. Is it relevant? Clear? Does it appeal?
  • Check whether a new idea or proposition resonates with your audience. Does it meet their needs? Why?
  • Explore people’s needs & motivations on a specific topic.
  • Prepare for a larger UX quantitative study. Checking some of the assumptions you’re taking into a larger and more expensive study always helps.

Why only 5 people?

We’re going for the quality of human input, not quantity, to focus on the ‘why’ behind the 'why'.

Nielson NormanGroup research has shown that 5 people identify up to 80% of all issues (in usability testing).

That having been said, most clients book 2 – 3 sessions on the same topic, to get more robust input or to focus each session on a different audience (eg. young vs. older).

Why 5 people at the same time? Won’t they be influencing each other?

We send the questions out via a survey in advance to capture individual opinions.

This minimizes ‘group think’ (as you’ve got their personal viewpoint as a starting point) while still allowing for the power of conversation as each panelist builds on the other’s thoughts and ideas.

So, it’s like a focus group?

While it's a group discussion, a 5hellos session explores the answers panelists have  given in advance to the questions and looks for the reactions of the others. It’s compact and focused.

See it as a more efficient way to get 5 individual inputs at once, with some cross-fertilization thrown in.

But I’ve never run a group discussion!

No worries. You don't have to. Our projects are turn-key - and include expert moderation. If you want to do it yourself, the 5hellos guide takes you by the hand to select questions and lead the session like a pro.

If you have any other questions, Get in touch with our team.