How 5hellos works

Our research tool empowers anyone to have short conversations with people about an idea, content or design.

All it takes is 5 people and 5 questions to get the insights that will make your work even better.

4 simple steps to results

Pick your panel 

Choose the 5hellos Panel (refine on age and gender), or a Custom Panel to set highly specific criteria.

Select your session goal

Choose from Get feedback on content or design, Compare two things, or Explore an idea, proposition or user needs.

Choose your 5 questions

Based on your goal, we suggest 5 questions to explore with your panel. We'll put these in a survey and send to panelists in advance.

Schedule date and time

Most sessions can go live 72 hours after set up. Invite your colleagues to observe the session.

Browse survey answers

Read the answers each panelist gave to your 5 questions in advance via the 5hellos survey. Their answers will guide the conversation, as you explore individual experiences with the others.

Review conversation guide

The guide is split into 5 blocks from Welcome to Closing.  Each block includes what you can ask the panelists at each step of the way.  Simple tips let you handle all situations like  a pro.

Follow on-screen session guide

Ask the questions in the guide, and follow the tips to keep the session flowing.  Use the handy follow up questions to get to the meat. Jot down key insights right in the guide as you go.


Ask, listen, and remember to ask follow up questions to answers that interest you. Why, is one of the best questions to ask in any situation.

Pick insights & actions

Process your conversation by picking key insights and ah-ha moments, and distilling what you need to do tomorrow (today!) to improve your work.

Share with your team

Share key insights and actions with colleagues, using the report generated by 5hellos. Show others all the richness that a simple 30 minute conversation with customers can bring.  
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Peter is a digital marketeer in Amsterdam. He joined the 5hellos panel to join in conversations that help others like him.

Our panelists offer fresh views and want to help.

In our experience, it's important to speak with 5 people who have something to say (and who share some similarity to your target audience). That's why 5hellos panelists enjoy a conversation and like giving ideas and input.

Looking for a panelist with a highly specific profile?

No worries. We'll  find 5 vegetarian healthcare worker who run marathons, shop online and eat at Febo, if need be.
More about panel options

5 people are often better than 5,000.

Quick, small scale sessions show how your work is coming across, and why, before it goes to market.  Your work becomes more customer-centric and has a greater chance of success, especially if you do this often.

In fact, Nielsen Norman Group research suggests that just 5 people can pull out about 80% of the issues in a specific design. Go figure.

5 people make your work more customer-centric
Uncover about 80% of issues in design
Maximize the chance of success

Schedule with your favorite conferencing app. Invite your team to sit in.

Use Zoom or whatever your go-to app is to host the short conversation. Invite colleagues to sit in - most conversations are 30 minutes or less making it a fun work-day break to step away and find out what's really going on out there.

Supports all conferencing apps
Results in 30 minutes or less

5hellos: the numbers

Insights generated to date from 60 conversations.
Estimated additional monthly revenue for one client using 5hellos.
Higher click rates on UX designs researched using 5hellos.
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