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The agile power of 5hellos sessions is now used to answer your business questions in no time, in four flavors.

The 5hellosplus projects

User Segments

Make chocolate of your customers - understand who they are, what they want, and why they do what they do - and translate that into rich segments for sharp sales & marketing.
Example project
  • 1x (existing) data analysis
  • 4x client sessions via 5hellos
  • Validation via surveys (n=100)
  • 2 working sessions


An agile project with iterative input from the market to develop a new concept and validate it in no time.
Example project
  • 3 rounds of design
  • 30x client insights via 5hellos
  • Validation via surveys (n=100)
  • 3 working sessions


Understand how a marketing concept or campaign can come across to your target audience.
Example project
  • 1x data analysis
  • 2x target audience sessions via 5hellos
  • Validation via surveys (n=60)
  • 1 working sessions


Assess and improve the UX of your website or app with the 5hellos method - much more effective and quicker than traditional user testing.
Example project
  • 1x current user data analysis
  • 10x user input via 5hellos
  • 1 work session UX expert
  • 1x A/B testplan (optional)

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