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The 5hellos panel is a dedicated group of curious minds, excited to share their thoughts and insights through real conversations.
To improve products, content & ideas.

Meet our panel

Like Nienke

  • Bachelor's in Psychology
  • Shops online, weekly
  • Loved giving input to a make-up brand newsletter

Like Remon

  • Owner of a catering and foodtruck company
  • A bicycle fanatic
  • Loves to talk to start-ups from an outsiders point-of-view

Like Noor

  • Student Political Science
  • Fanatic football player and viewer
  • Likes that she can contribute to major brands from her student room
Ben is 31, lives in Amsterdam, shops online regularly and has a huge sneaker collection.

Always the right 5 people for your session.

Always speak with the panelists you need. Filter on demographics and interests.

Need something very specific? Like home-owners, entrepreneurs, runners, parents, vegetarians or sneaker freaks?

We have you covered.

Not your standard panel


Our selected members provide fresh ideas and insights. They are diverse and bring more to the table due to their dedication and the varying subjects of our sessions. With our 30 min. interactive online sessions, we've truly found a form that people love.


And motivated to help you do better. Our panel members enjoy working with corporates, start-ups and everything in between. They are not seasoned panelists and we ensure they don't particapte more than twice a month.


Smart, truly engaged and able to make nuances. And their connected. Due to our unique, loved form, they're always open to help scout their network for exactly the right profile when tricky profiles are needed.
"I'm really impressed with how 5hellos found ten home owners in three days.

The setup of 5 people in one session gave such valuable input in a short time, much more efficient than 1:1 user tests."
Marketing Manager
"I love how each session dives into a completely different subject. It's a really insightful and interesting experience, every time
5hellos panel member

En, wat vinden jouw gebruikers?